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Build-o-Rama is a package that allows users of Microsoft Visual C++ to build programs from the Windows IDE, without using the DOS command line. All of the error information generated by the compiler and linker is listed in the Build-o-Rama window. You can double-click on an error to jump to it in the source file, get help on an error, and save the results of your build for future reference.

The compiler runs in a separate DOS session, so you can use all of OS/2's multitasking abilities to do something else while Build-o-Rama collects your output. Or you can watch the messages appear, as in the Windows IDE running under regular DOS/Windows.

Build-o-Rama requires no device drivers and no changes in your CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI or SYSTEM.INI files.

This shareware product is $20 to register.

It is available here as BRAMA.ZIP.

That package requires OS/2 Warp. Users of OS/2 2.1 should also download another file: BRAM21.ZIP

You can view a screen shot of Build-o-Rama at work

Tips on using the Visual C++ compiler from the command line, and for getting Visual C++ 1.0 to work with OS/2

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